Brewery Eutropius, a small brewery in West Flanders, is a project of 2 young people. Their objective is to share their passion for craft beers with other people.

The story starts in 2004 when Wouter Vermeersch - at age 16 - drinks his first beer. However the taste is not exactly what he expected a second and a third  beer follows quickly. In the end he even starts to like the taste.

It doesn't take long before Wouter realizes he wants to do more than just taste some beers. Soon he sets up a small brewery as a hobby in the garage of his parents house.
With a lot of effort and setbacks he starts brewing his first beers. The beginning was a disaster and a lot of beers ended up in the gutter. Untill... After a few months a beer flows out of the brewing kettle with a taste that is actually not that bad.
A first beer was finally born.

In order to achieve more knowledge about beers Wouter starts his training in college to become a brewing engineer. A title he achieves in summer 2010.
As of this moment the idea of starting his own craft brewery doesn't seem so silly anymore.
The only problem is that brewing beer is one thing, making the appearance of the beer look attractive is another thing...

By coincidence in the summer of 2012 Wouter gets to know Barbara Pratz, a young woman with a background in marketing. However the beginning of their relationship is pure amorous (and however Barbara has no interest at all in the crazy project of het boyfriend) Wouter can convince her one year later to step on board.

In may 2014 Barbara joins the brewery which to a total makerover of the concept and in the end to the brewery as we know it today.

Today the couple is still in charge of the brewery and is hoping to keep doing so.

A brewery where friendship and passion for beer are key.