Remembrance 14-18

Remembrance bier

The recipe of Remembrance '14-'18 was developped in 2011. The point was to create a beer for a local remembrance of the Great War.
Southern West Flanders was heavily under fire during this period which had a lot of victims as a consequence. Not only soldiers but also way too many civilians fell during this period.
The Belgian army could fortunately count on the help of many foreign countries to save their homeland but unfortunately the price that was paid by every side was way too high.

Remembrance '14-'18 is therefore not a happy beer. A dry bitterness and sourness are typical and are chosen specifically to simulate the feeling we have about the tragic event that our country was the scenery of.

Made with 3 types of grains (barley, wheat and rye) and lots of bittering hops from our own Flanders fields Remembrance '14-'18 is a beer that has been made to make the consumer think about what happened.

Dry, bitter
Hallertau Mittelfrüh & Brewersgold
10 °C